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"I Think, Therefore There Is a Supreme Thinker"
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Mark Looy, M.A. The complexity of the brain is unfathomable. "Amazingly, the total number of neuron interconnections (also called "bits") is approximately 1000 trillion (1015), and if the dendritic connections were laid end to end, they would circle the earth more than four times." Reason fn1
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Henry Morris, Ph.D. The mind may give us understanding, but we don't fully understand the mind. . . . in man is a three-pound brain which, as far as we know, is the most complex and orderly arrangement of matter in the universe. How could the human brain develop out of the primeval slime? Reason fn2
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Joseph Rowlands Modern philosophy says "Knowledge is lucid and can only be formed by the use of reason. There is no other path. Reason is absolute. " Is there no room for inspiration or spirituality in reason? Reason fn3
Where Is Wisdom?
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Henry Morris, Ph.D. The Bible tells us Wisdom existed before creation. Even the molecules of the universe had a design before they existed. ..."wisdom is not acquired through college degrees or philosophical meditation, or any variety of human experience or study." Wisdom fn1
Thinking God's Thoughts after Him
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Kenneth Ham "Yet it wasn't very long ago that one of the world's greatest scientists, Johann Kepler, stated, as he was involved in his research, that he was merely thinking God's thoughts after Him. Kepler and many other great scientists were great because they started with God's Word as the foundation for their thinking. This is why our modern science was able to develop to the great heights it has." Wisdom fn2
Did a Watchmaker Make the Watch?
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John D. Morris, Ph.D. "In the early 1880s, William Paley published a carefully argued paper entitled "Natural Theology," which developed a convincing case for the necessity of a Designer to produce the intricate design we see in living systems." Wisdom fn3

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