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1 Saul United Reign 40 1 Sam 13:1; Acts 13:21 0 0 AA 1050 1010 Saul was the son of Kish, who was the son of Ner. Saul was the first king of Israel. He was chosen king by Samuel by lot in a meeting of all Israel leaders. However, the Lord had Samual anoint him as king several days before. Samuel was very displeased that Israel would have a king. While Saul showed humility before Samual and said that he was from a family among the least of the Benjamites, he was actually from a very powerful family. Saul was made as king by the Lord to defeat the Philistines, but his first action was to unite Israel to defeat the Ammonites at Jabesh-gilead. Saul organized an army against the Philistines but was a foolish leader. However, his son Jonathan had a great victory against the Philistines. The Lord had Samuel order Saul to totally destroy Amalek. However, Saul spared the king of the Amalekites and kept the best of the livestock. The Lord expressed to regret Samuel for making Saul king because Saul did not follow the Lord and Samuel rebuked Saul. The Lord had Samuel anoint David as king. David was placed in Saul's court, but Saul envied him. Saul tried to kill David, but David fled. David had a chance to kill Saul but spared him. Saul turns to the occult for advice. Saul and Jonathan were killed in one last battle with the Philistines. The length of Saul's reign in 1 Sam in the English translations are not there in the Hebrew text. They are inferred from Acts and other writings. He is not to be confused with Saul (Paul) of the New Testament. [ 3 ]
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2 Ish-Bosheth United Reign 2 2 Sam 2:10 0 1 AA 1010 1008 Ish-bosheth (Eshbaal) is the youngest son of Saul. After Saul was killed, he was made king over Israel with the help of Abner, commander of Saul's army. He was 40 years old when he became king. Ish-bosheth lost a civil war with David. After Ish-bosheth rebuked Abner for an intimacy with Rizpah, Saul's concubine, Abner joined David against Ish-bosheth. Two of Ish-bosheth 's commanders betrayed him and killed him. David killed the betrayers.
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3 David United Reign 40 2 Sam 5:4 0 1 AA 1010 970 In 1 Ch 2:13-15 David is named as the seventh son of Jesse, but in 1 Sam 17:12 it says Jesse had 8 sons and David was the youngest. It is not known which son is unnamed. David's mother is not named in the bible, but her name is given as Nitzevet in the Talmud. "The grace of God was evident in that He included several non-Israelites in the line of David. Since this was the line through which Christ came, it foreshadowed God's inclusion of Gentiles in the work of David's greater Son, the Lord Jesus Christ." Four non-Israelite women are included in Christ's genealogy. Tamar was moat likely a Canaanite (Gen 38:1-6) and the mother of Judah's child Perez (Ruth 4:12). Rahab was a Canaanite harlot in Jericho (Jos 2:1) and ancestress of Boaz (Mat 1:5). Ruth, a Moabite (Ru 1:4), was David's great grandmother (Mat 1:5). The Moabites are a tribe descended from a incestuous relation between Lot and his older daughter (Gen 19:36-37). And, Bathsheba, the mother of Solomon by David (2 Sa 12:24), was probably a Hittite (2 Sa 11:3).
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4 David Judah Reign 7 2 Sam 5.5 0 1 AA 1010 1003 David had six sons by six wives during the 7 1/2 years he reigned in Hebron before the Kingdom was reunited.
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5 David United Reign 33 2 Sam 5:5 0 4 AA 1003 970 Died APR 971 – APR 970
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6 Solomon United Reign 40 1 Ki 11:42 0 5 AA 970 930 Died APR 931 – SEPT 931
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7 Solomon Started Building Temple 0 1 Ki 6:1 3 6 AA 967 967 Nothing Selected
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8 Jeroboam Israel Reign 22 1 Ki 14:20 0 6 NN 931 910 Died APR 931 – SEPT 931
9 RehoBoam Judah Reign 17 1 Ki 14:21; 2 Chr 12:13 0 6 AA 930 913 Died APR 931 – SEPT 931
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10 Rehoboam Judah Shishak king og Egypt invades Jerusalem 0 1 Ki 14:25; 2 Chr 12:2 5 9 AA 925 925 Nothing Selected
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Kingdom - Israel; the northern ten tribes (Northern Kingdom) after Solomon  - Judah; the tribes of Judah and Benjamin after Solomon (Kingdom of Judah).  See discussion of Kings in Resources [ 1 ].Years-length of reign or event.  Sync Year-The year in the event (mostly other Kingdom Kings Reign) that synchronizes this event in Biblical Chronology.  Sync Event #-The Event # this event is synchronized with.  Regnal System-A=accession, N=nonaccession.  "The accession-year system distinguished a king’s accession year (the incomplete calendar year in which he began to reign) and reckoned by the number of New Year days a king lived in his reign.  In the nonaccession-year system the remainder of a previous king’s last year is counted as the first year of his successor, and then subsequent years are calculated from Nisan to Nisan in Israel, or Tishri to Tishri in Judah [ 2 ] ."  (Note: Judah used Tishri, approximately September, and Israel used Nisan, approximately April, to mark the new year).  BC From-BC date in years at beginning of event.  BC To-BC Date in years at end of event.

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