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Scientific Irrationality
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Henry Morris, Ph.D. "Throughout history, 'thinking rationally' has often become a guise for repressive attitudes toward the new or unconventional." Wisdom fn4
More Than Star Stuff
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David F. Coppedge "If anything is "suggested" by the linkage of our bodies to star stuff, it is the fundamental ability of intelligence to organize materials, and the inadequacy of atoms alone to describe the mind. Stars have a simple structure defined by physical laws. We, however, can order and direct our material bodies by our minds." Wisdom fn5
The Thoughts of God
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Henry Morris, Ph.D. "The great achievements of these God-fearing men of science have enabled us to understand just a little portion of God's infinitely great and complex creation, but never can any group of men ever manage to think all His thoughts after Him." Wisdom fn6
The Lord and Inspiration
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Henry Morris, Ph.D. "Evangelicals have often been intimidated by the scientists’ ridicule of this 'mechanical theory' of inspiration, but they should not be. God is well able to use whatever means He chooses to reveal His word to men, and we should simply take Him at His word!" Wisdom fn7
The Atheist's Guide to Reality: Enjoying Life without Illusions
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Alex Rosenberg We can't avoid the persistent questions about the meaning of life-and the nature of reality. Philosopher Alex Rosenberg maintains that science is the only thing that can really answer them—all of them. His bracing and ultimately upbeat book takes physics seriously as the complete description of reality and accepts all its consequences. Worldview fn1
Life In The Big Tent: Traditional Creationism and the Intelligent Design Movement.
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Paul A. Nelson Discussion of the influence of the Intelligent Design movement on the growth of scientific alternatives to the naturalistic theory. "Johnson saw that if science were forbidden by its own rules even to look in the direction of intelligent design, the evidence, whatever it might be, would be irrelevant. Any science that is not free to pursue the truth could be only a blind enterprise, unable to see." the testimony of nature." Worldview fn2

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