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The Fall, the Curse, and Evolution
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Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. "It does no good to suggest, as some have done, that maybe God's judgment of death on Adam applied only to spiritual death. The Curse was pronounced on 'the ground,' and Adam's body was eventually to return to 'the dust.' That means physical death! Furthermore, if God's judgment only involved spiritual death, then why did man's future redemption from death require the brutal physical death of Jesus Christ on the cross? Actually the Curse involved both. When Adam sinned and the Curse was pronounced, he immediately died spiritually and also began to die physically." Worldview fn3
Do The Days Really Matter?
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Kenneth Ham "I am convinced that the main reason many Christians don't accept the days of Genesis as literal days is because they believe that scientists have proven that the earth is billions of years in age. ICR scientists, however, have shown clearly that the methods used to "prove" that the earth is billions of years old have many problems." Worldview fn4
Does Genesis Address the Time of Creation, or Just the Fact of Creation?
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John D. Morris, Ph.D. "It has become popular among evangelical leaders to hold that God is truly the Creator, but that creation occurred over millions and billions of years. These 'semi-creationists' are fond of claiming that the Genesis account only reveals the 'fact' of creation, and that God orchestrated it all, but that it does not specify when He created, nor how long He took. Is their position valid? Let's go 'back to Genesis' and check it out." Worldview fn5
Eye Evolution: Assumption, Not Science
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Brian Thomas, M.S. "Considering the obvious genius and purpose in eye design, claims that mindless natural processes formed the eye can only be made by ignoring the laws of logic." LifeDeath fn1
DNA and RNA: Providential Coding to 'Revere' God
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James J. S. Johnson, J.D., Th.D. "Illogically, however, many look at the more cleverly coded communications that are sent and received inside living cells and explain what they see as products of blind chance and “evolutionary accident.” Yet genetic code-based communication is informationally more complex and detailed than any system humans could create" LifeDeath fn2
Unmasking Evolution's Magic Words
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Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., M.D. "Explaining design by believing it “arose” appeals to imaginary special forces which help evolutionists to connect the evolutionary dots. But as in any magical kingdom, the connections are mental fantasies that are not grounded in reality." LifeDeath fn3

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