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A Translation Guide to the Chronological Data in Kings and Chronicles
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Leslie McFall Quoted from the article: "The purpose of this article is twofold. First, Thiele’s system is in need of modification. This study suggests modification in four major and nine minor ways. Second, there is the need to bring together in one view the various texts in Kings and Chronicles that require considerable caution in translation because of different systems of reckoning employed by the biblical writers. The proposed modifications and fresh presentation of Thiele’s work are necessary if Thiele’s breakthrough is to be appreciated by modern scholars and made available to translators who do not have the leisure to read through Thiele’s work." History fn5
The Bible Knowledge Commentary: Old Testament
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Dallas Theological Seminary See the Chapter on Ruth by John W. Reed - "The grace of God was evident in that He included several non-Israelites in the line of David. Since this was the line through which Christ came, it foreshadowed God's inclusion of Gentiles in the work of David's greater Son, the Lord Jesus Christ." History fn6
The Septuagint with Apocrypha: English
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SIR LANCELOT C.L. BRENTON "The earliest writer who gives an account of the Septuagint version is Aristobulus, a Jew who lived at the commencement of the second century B.C. He says that the version of the Law into Greek was completed under the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus, and that Demetrius Phalereus had been employed about it. Now, Demetrius died about the beginning of the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus, and hence it has been reasonably inferred that Aristobulus is a witness that the work of translation had been commenced under Ptolemy Soter." BibleEvents fn1
Annals of the World
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James Ussher The extensive and comprehensive history of the world from creation until the fall of Jerusalem. This is the standard by which all other histories are compared. Considering that if was published in 1650 the work is amazing. It that be difficult to compile even with today's research tools. BibleEvents fn2
The Breadth and Depth of Sin
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John MacArthur "The simple narrative of the opening seven verses of Genesis chapter 3 describes for us the first act of human disobedience which brought about the curse on all mankind: the Fall. The impact of that Fall has touched every part of the universe. It is accurate to say that absolutely everything wrong in our world is because of sin." BibleEvents fn3
Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study
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John Woodmorappe Thoroughly researched and clearly presented, this book provides sensible solutions to the most difficult problems that faced Noah and his family on the Ark. With the skill of an engineer, Woodmorappe enhances our understanding of the work that Noah did and the means he had at his disposal to manage the menagerie of animal life that God entrusted to him. Nations fn1

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