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Judgment of the Rebellion at Babel, Part 1
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John MacArthur "Nations and languages essentially established by God by one divine act. Sociologists and anthropologists and language theorists imagine a slow, long evolutionary process socializing man and somehow evolving from grunts and chatter and chirps, languages. We know better from the Word of God." "Now this is a very simple and straightforward explanation of how nations developed all over the world and how languages developed; God did it in one single act. It is in a way a profound tragedy as humanity is separated and splintered and scattered from each other already having rebelled from God." Nations fn11
Judgment of the Rebellion at Babel, Part 2
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John MacArthur "Nations and languages had a singular origin. It began right here by a direct act of God. God launched it all in one act. And it is true, nations have developed through the 4,000-plus years since Babel, and so have languages developed. Even English, like every other language, is a developing language. All you have to do is get an original copy, if you can find one, of the King James Bible, and you will be unable to read it, even though it's English, because the development is so great." Nations fn12
Studies in the Book of Genesis Part 3: The Table of Nations inGenesis 10--Its Content
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Allen P. Ross "But in addition to the evidence from its structure, there is a wealth of information about the nations of the world that is important for the complete understanding of this chapter within the message of Genesis." Nations fn13
Revelation: A Panorama of the Gospel Age
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Fred P. Miller THE TABLE OF NATIONS THREE FAMILIES AND THEIR FUTURE Chapter 21 Only this Chapter of the Book is referenced. Nations fn14
History in the New World
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John MacArthur "So here you have with Noah and his three sons the second starting point for human history. This is history in the new world and we can, as I said, all claim Noah as a distant relative." "And so between Noah and Abraham, we have this genealogical record which includes sons of Japheth, sons of Ham, but most particularly and specifically, sons of Shem because Abraham comes from the line of Shem. And from Abraham comes the Jewish race, the Hebrews, the people of Israel; God's missionary nation. " Nations fn15
Exposition of the Old and New Testament
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John Gill John Gill (b. 23 Nov 1697, d. 14 Oct 1771), was an English Baptist writer and theologian. Gill was a strong Calvinist. This work is considered his magnum opus, a commentary on the entire Bible. This was originally published in two parts, the 3 volume An Exposition of the New Testament (1746-8), and the 6 volume An Exposition of the Old Testament (1748-63). Gill was a life-long Hebrew scholar, and he also learned Greek by age 11. Manasseh_Ephraim fn1

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