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Years Total BC LXX Years LXX total LXX BC
30 1723 2171 130 2639 2681
Gen 11:14
Gen 11:17
1 Ch 1:18; Lk 3:35
The name Eber is the origin of the word Hebrew.

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All versions of the Old and New Testaments use the name Eber.
Septuagint (LXX Gen 17) "And Heber lived after he had begotten Phaleg two hundred and seventy years, and begot sons and daughters, and died."
Eber would outlive all of these: At the birth of Peleg he would live 430 years more Peleg only 239 At the birth of Reu he would live 400 years more Reu only 237 At the birth of Serug he would live 368 years more Serug only 230 At the birth of Nahor he would live 338 years more Nahor only 148 At the birth of Terah he would live 307 years more Terah *** At the birth of Abram he would live 23 years more Abram only 175 At the birth of Isaac he would live 137 years more Isaac Outlived Isaac outlived Eber by 43 years or compare that Isaac was 137 years old when Eber died. Eber lived 77 years into the life of Jacob.