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2nd Command to Rebuild Jerusalem

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Years Total BC LXX Years LXX total LXX BC
92 3450 444 92 4876 444
Neh 2:1-5
Total period from return from Exile until command to build city is approximately 92 years.
Cyrus II (the Great) Reign over Babylon 536 BC to 530 BC, 7 years. Cambyses II Reign 530 BC to 522 BC, 8 years. Darius I Reign 522 BC to 486 BC, 36 years. Xerxes I Reign 486 BC to 465 BC, 21 years. Artaxerxes I Reign until 2nd Letter to Rebuild Jerusalem 465 BC - 444 BC, 20 years.
Some use Artaxerxes I first letter as the date of this event. However, this makes for to late of a date for the beginning of Artaxerxes I reign or the date of Jesus Christ being 'cut off' work to early even if we use solar years for Daniels 70 weeks.